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I cannot stand idly by and watch the world burn, I must make my voice heard.

The world has become depressing and uncaring place.
Hate, racism, inequality, and discrimination is major problem that permeates the fabric of society. It has influenced a lot of policies and actions through out the world. We shouldn’t hate people just because of the color of their skin, their religion, beliefs, their sexual preferences, the gender they identify/born with, or their appearance. We should base our opinions of each person on the their on actions. As long as they don’t cause harm to another person we should let them live their own life in peace.

There’s an increasing threat caused by global climate change. The disregard for the environment must end. We know of only one place in the universe that has life and we are killing it.

Also the displaced, starving, and murdered innocent caused by terrorism and the war against. The hate is rampant on all sides and it needs to end now if we want a better world. We need to end all the wars.

There is also great economic disparity. People can’t afford to live and we need to change this. There is a growing number of homeless and hungry families.

Cannabis prohibition is yet another problem we deal with. It had led to the incarceration of many around the world. It has fueled the drug cartels. The illegal drug trade helps fund terrorist, dictators, and gangs. Just like alcohol prohibition it doesn’t work and harms more people than the substance.

These are only a few of the issues that humanity faces.

In closing as an American citizen, I sincerely apologize for the the atrocities my country has perpetrated against the world.

James A Bass

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