War never changes but it needs to. The way we wage war hasn’t changed ever. It’s only become deadlier and more destructive. We always go in wanting to kill everyone of the enemies. That just makes us barbarians and no better than our enemy.

What we need to do is change the way we approach war. We need to truly exhaust all diplomatic and non-violent options first. We have advanced so much in the 12,000 years of modern human history but like I said earlier we still fight war the same way. The death of the enemy is the goal. Now some will say peace is the goal but if that was true we wouldn’t be using such deadly and destructive tactics and weapons.

Every time we kill an enemy we create a martyr and every martyr creates more enemies and we kill them, starting the self amplifying feedback loop. We really need to change the way we wage war. Murdering until submission just isn’t the answer.

We need to cease all hostile actions and assess the tools we have at our disposal. We live in an age of technology advanced enough to fight and end these wars without anymore deaths. We can do that if we utilized modern and emerging technologies correctly. I have an idea and strategy that might work but I won’t put it here. Sorry one can’t disclose war plans ahead of execution if they want them to be successful.

If we want a better more civilized society we need to change this and many other things.

We’ve just used our largest non-nuclear bomb. Do you know that that means? It means if we just continue along the same path we have been we’ll use nuclear weapons next probably soon.

Now onto my impression of the North Korea situation. It appears to me that every time one side escalates and postures the other one does also. I would withdraw most of our troops and vessels from the area. I would leave a small but sufficient contingent in ally territories for defensive measures only. And I mean defensive only! Seriously a preemptive strike would be a mistake. I would let Kim Jung-UN posture to and for his people all he wanted as long as he didn’t attack anyone. As long as he doesn’t harm anyone there is no need to take any action against him. Yes, he may be unstable and unpredictable and have nuclear weapons but that also describes our leader at the moment. Yes he should denuclearize but so should everyone else. If we start a nuclear war we are all screwed!

If we take a less hostile approach against the world maybe our diplomacy will be more effective.

James A Bass

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