Unconditional Basic Income

Unconditional Basic Income or UBI is a guaranteed income to provide for a person’s basic needs. Such as food, water, housing without any requirements. One doesn’t need to work, go to classes, or anything, just be alive.

People are don’t get a choice in being born or into which family so some people are born into different situations. The way current society works is once your old enough you go through school and go to college. Well that’s if you can afford college. Even if your able to afford it, get loans, or grants you still need to live. So most college student get a job which cuts into study and recreational time. With a UBI anyone age 18 & over get a stipend from the government necessary to cover basic needs. This would allow student to not have a job while in school and allow time for studying and r&r. Eliminating the stress from work and stress from lack of sleep from having to study. An UBI simply allows student to succeed.

Once through with college if one goes adults still need to get a job just to survive. Even college graduates have a hard time getting a job that pays enough. A lot of people struggle to pay the bills or put food on the table. That can be stressful & depressing to be hungry and even worse to hear your child asking for more, still being hungry, but not having more for them to eat. Theres also the effect of insufficient/poor nutrition. An UBI eliminates this effect.

I also believe it would lower crime rates. Some may not have the opportunity to find a job or end up under employed. Some crime is just the poor trying to survive, to put food on the table or pays the bills. The human drive to survive is very strong and people will do what they need to survive. So if we provide for the basic needs of people there will be less theft, muggings, and other crimes.

Another benefit would be increased mental and physical health. Having to work multiple jobs just to survive is damaging to one’s health. Some effects of over working are excessive stress on the mind and body. Cutting into your sleep time for work is harmful if not out right dangerous. Insufficient sleep can have a range of effects on a person such as diminished brain function. Studies even show lack of sleep can be fatal by itself. Than there’s the possibility of falling asleep while driving to one of your jobs. Overworking can lead to a poor diet causing numerous issues.

It could also decrease alcohol & drug abuse. If your depressed & stressed you might turn to drugs to escape or forget your current situation, if just for a moment. With most drugs as you use it you build a tolerance and this can lead to overdoses.
It would decrease if not eliminate homelessness. Obviously an UBI would allow the homeless to afford housing. It would allow them to get a job also. How that? Employers do discriminate against the homeless. You also need a permanent residence for a state identification which you need to get a job. Housing will also give them a safe place to stay. This would lower crimes against the homeless since they won’t be sleeping on the streets.

It would stimulate the economy also. Since a person’s basic needs will be provided for, any money they earn from employment would be spent on luxuries or paying off debt. This would increase demand for goods which would create jobs.

UBI would allow people to work less allowing for more free time. With this free time I believe people become more involved in their communities. Becoming more social involved and aware. People will be more active increasing mental & physical health. Some may even run for public office. I know I would. This would make the government better for the people since more common people would end up I office. These people would know what the people need and care enough to demand it. Unlike our current system which is ran by the rich and corporations.
The advancement of science and technology would increase if we had more people with the time to ponder, wonder, and invent.
Another benefit of UBI would be safeguarding society against the coming automation of everything. As we automate a job that removes a person from that job. Automation will increase poverty and economic disparity if we don’t prepare for it. Actually it’s already happening and has been happening for years.

So an UBI would have a positive effect on
Drug and alcohol abuse
Mental health
Physical health
The economy
Public safety
Advancements in science and technology
Personal debt
So an UBI would greatly benefit everyone and improve society as a whole. I’m sure I left some things out. We do need an UBI but it needs to be implemented correctly. Another effect would be people can quit jobs they don’t like or don’t pay enough. People will have the freedom to look for a better job or one they love. So if we just implement an UBI without adequate thought and planning could be harmful. It should be implemented slow enough not to be damaging but at a rate that benefits the people.

James A Bass

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