A Civilized Society

For a civilized society we need to support and educate the people.
We need to end poverty.
Ending poverty will have many effects from ending hunger and homelessness to lowering crime
We need to provide complete mental and physical Healthcare to all.
We need to provide an educational to all.
We need to ensure the people are protected from the government and the corporations.
We need prison reform and focus on rehabilitation.
We need drug law reform that focuses on treatment on prosecution.
We need to protect the environment.
This can be done by the proper use of technology and ensuring we have minimal impact on the environment by eliminating pollution from the expansion of cities and manufacturing.
We need to embrace equality & end discrimination/stereotyping by teaching acceptance.
There’s a lot of that. People discriminate based on race, socio-economic staus, sex, gender identity, choice of lover(s), religion, age, health, genetics, country of origin, and religion to name some.
We need to embrace technology responsibly.
Speaking of technology, we need to future proof our society by protecting robot rights.
At the moment machines are “stupid” but when their minds reach the level of ours we need to treat them with the same respect we should treat our fellow humans. I belive any AI that truly passes the Turing test should have the same rights as people.
Future proofing would include looking forward in many areas and directions.
One example would be the evolution of other higher intelligent being on this planet. We already have some highly intelligent animals already and they deserve protections too. Also with the advancement of space technology and exploration we will encounter life elsewhere and we need to grant them the same rights we demand for ourselves.
We need to end war.
This is a difficult one but if we fix the other problems this will lessen. Until then we need to focus on diplomacy and only use force as the last option. When force becomes the only option we need to use the technology we have at our disposal properly and strive for absolutely no casualties, civilians or combatants.

James A Bass

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