We as a people need to unite as one. We need to come together so solve the issues of our time. There is hate and discrimination against people because they are different. We need to focus on what can bring us together. We want peace, equality, a healthy populous and planet. If we can come together and end poverty and inequality we won’t need to work as much just to live, giving more free time. With this free time we can pursue sciences, work on social issues and heal the planet. If we stay divided we will continue to wage wars and cause irreparable damage to the planet. We need people to have the time, motivation, and education to be able to make to changes needed.


We will need to remove as many obstacles as possible to make this happen. We need to educate people with facts to help reduce and hopefully eliminate rasism, intollerance, and ignorance. We cannot base our opinions of a whole group of people based on the actions of a few. We can’t tell people who they can love or what substances they put in their bodies. All people need free and unrestricted access to all levels of education. We need to provide equal and complete Healthcare to everyone despite their financial situation.


If we provide for the basic needs of the people they will still work. They will use there extra time to better themselves. They will find a job they want/love to work. They pay off debt and purchase nessectities before frivolous spending. They will have better mental health if they don’t have to worry how they are going to feed their family or pay the bills. I also believe people would be more active as result improving physical health also. People will also eat better if they have the means, calories maybe cheap but nutritious food isn’t.


Poverty, ignorance, inequality, corruption and hate are all symptoms and causes of our current society. If we can treat these, we can cure our society and heal our planet but we need to unite and demand the change that is needed.


James A Bass



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