About Me

I was born on September 2nd 1983.

I grew up on the low end of the economic ladder. Only recently have I crawled my way up enough to barely be considered middle class but with the cost of food, utilities, mortgage payments, credit card payments, and other costs of living I still struggle to get everything payed for.

I still know the struggle of the poor. No one should have to decide if they should buy medicine, food, rent/mortgage payment, or any necessity required to live. It’s depressing to have to do that or to have to tell your child “No, I’m sorry we can’t buy that toy we only have $5 and we need to get what food we can.

The poor can’t afford to take sick time from work if the company doesn’t offer paid sick time, even than some can’t if it pays less than their regular wage. So they go to work so they can try to make enough to provide for their family. I know that struggle I’ve been there having to put your family before your own health. It’s even worse when you can’t afford to go to the doctor because you can’t afford insurance or the deductible.

We shouldn’t have to work multiple jobs just to try and make ends meet. Over working yourself is not good for you, I know. I’ve worked a full time job and up to 2 part time jobs, I’ve worked the 100+ hour week. It’s exhausting mentally and physically, but I did what I needed to do to provide for my family.

I know how much it sucks to not be able to take a vacation even if you get paid time off. If your lucky enough to get paid vacations you probably can’t afford to go anywhere or do anything except stay home.

I know what it’s like to not being able to afford to replace things you need to replace but can’t. All you can do is to try and fix it yourself because you can’t afford to have someone else do it. I’ve become pretty good at fixing stuff through the years. From fixing my own home, computers, vehicles, or anything because I just can’t afford it any other way. When someone tells me they have something that’s broke I offer to fix it for them or if they don’t want it I fix it for myself. That’s how I get most things if I don’t have the funds to get them.

I know what it’s like to take whatever job you can get just to have some income. I understand being trapped in a job unable to get a better one. To be too exhausted and too depressed from the amount of hours your working and begging for more so you can cover that unexpected expense. Even if you find the energy, time, and ambition to look and find a different job. It’s just another entry level job that either doesn’t pay anymore or even less. It can be so hard you just want to give up.

I even know what it feels like to abandon your moral to try for a job. I once applied for a job with the TSA, I was do desperate. Luckily I’m just color blind enough to fail the color test. I’m glad I didn’t get that job because their searching and profiling of people are even worse today.

I know what it’s like to have to swallow your pride and finally ask for help because you have no other choice. I’ve been on government assistant but only as long as I needed to. I know I’m struggling to survive but I know there’s people who have a harder struggle then me.

I completely empathize with the joy of being above the water, even if just for a moment. I know the happiness when your bank statement isn’t negative for the moment.

I understand the struggles entirely, of the common person, since I am one of you!

I know what it feels like to want the struggle to end, however it ends, but I keep going for my family!

That’s why I can no longer sit silently by and must make my voice heard, if only by one person that could make a difference in someone else’s struggle to survive.

If your reading this just do me one favor, help spread the word.

James A Bass